Occasionally Blue


Material Experiment / Chair Design / Metal Work / Wood Work

Solo Project / 2019 / 5 Weeks




People have the moments when they feel like shutting themselves off. This chair creates a private space for the person sitting in it, but with time limit. By rotating the disks filled with water and pigment, the user has his/her view blocked from two sides. After a while, the pigment settles down and the disks become transparent again—implying you have gone through a blue and isolated period. Maybe it’s time to go out and face the real world again.




Playing With Water And Time

Inspired by sandclock, I wanted to design a chair that leverages water and settling matters to create a special period of time. In order to achieve best visual effect and proper speed, I experienced with differrent materials.

Final material: water + acrylic paint + alum + sodium alginate.